The Love Good Podcast with Jimmy Mitchell

Technology and disembodiment | S2E18 with co-host Alanna Boudreau

January 22, 2019

In this episode, Jimmy and Alanna get a bit nostalgic as they revisit the glory days of AOL Instant messaging (and share their AOL screen names, among a few other embarrassing details from their childhoods). Out of this flow an exploration of technology and disembodiment. What's the relationship between memory and tactility? Why are we all so obsessed with logging everything we do, for everyone to see? What are we gaining, and what are we losing? . . . TIRED OF BEING A PASSIVE CONSUMER? So are we. Love Good is a movement of artists, patrons, and young people who believe in the power of beauty to change the world. Subscribe as a patron today at and start enjoying our seasonal packages that will raise your standard for media and inspire you to build a better culture.

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