The Love Good Podcast with Jimmy Mitchell

Summer bonus with The Hunts | An inside look at family bands and why conflict is often a good thing

June 12, 2018

In this episode, Jimmy hops home from Europe long enough to catch up with Josh Hunt, lead singer of the sibling band The Hunts. Josh shares his summer plans (family reunion in sunny Florida), and then they explore the evolution of the band, the challenges that come with being part of an opinionated (but loving) family, the band’s unique way of approaching songwriting, and the value of conflict in distilling decisions and outcomes. What does it really mean to collaborate, and to evolve? What’s it like to be on the “inside” of a family band? Josh and Jimmy dig in to these questions and more, and wrap things up with some solid music and literature recommendations. . . . RAISE YOUR STANDARD FOR MEDIA AND CULTURE. Get beautiful new music, books, and art delivered to your doorstep before anyone else. Become a Love Good patron today at . . .

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