The Love Good Podcast with Jimmy Mitchell

Pilot | The Love Good Story (+ introducing Janaya Trudel)

October 31, 2017

Build the culture you’ve always imagined. Wait. What does that even mean? In this season premiere, Jimmy Mitchell shares some exciting news (spoiler: there’s free music involved!) and unpacks the Love Good story, discussing the vision of the movement and how Love Good transitioned from a one-man show into a team of culture warriors across the world. Jimmy also talks with Janaya Trudel, singer/songwriter from Saskatchewan, about beauty’s undeniable impact on culture and the importance of sharing your gifts without counting the costs.

Whether listening on your commute or taking a mid-afternoon coffee break, tune in and get ready to build a better culture with Love Good.

. . . FRUSTRATED BY MAINSTREAM MEDIA & CULTURE? So are we. Our growing movement invests in young people and artists who are doing something beautiful and building a better culture. Will you join us? Become a Love Good patron today at . . .

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